How to Wipe a Lost Phone or Tablet:

1. Get access to the internet using any computer or mobile phone

2. Connect to your Exchange Server online; Find your OWA link here

3. Log in with your username (email address) and password

4. In the top right hand corner, click on the little gear icon and then select Options.
5. With the options page open, click on the phone link on the right menu
6. The list of all your mobile devices connected to your mailbox will now be displayed.

7. Select the device (phone) that you want to wipe and then choose the Wipe Device Icon – this will initiate a remove wipe of the phone and remove all      settings giving the phone access to your mail. It also deletes all picture and other personal information from the phone.

8. Once the device connects to the Internet again it will attempt a connection to the server and be instructed to wipe itself – if successful you will get a message informing you that if the phone was wiped.