What does Marsroad do?

Marsroad is a group of motivated individuals that brings together skills and experience that combined allow the creation of solutions and answers to problems that can simply be described as “Out of this World”.

We innovate – We pride ourselves that we are able to service the technological needs of any client and through concerted effort we provide cost effective and innovative solutions that provide the best return on investment possible for the customer.

We save you money – One of the key areas we build solutions is in the environment of power management and power consumption. One of the most costly components of an office is the running costs of the equipment implemented in the organisation. We build solutions that not only reduce running costs, but increase productivity. Let us show you have you can have your equipment pay for itself.

We keep your business running – Today no business is able to function effectively without a solid IT infrastructure. Are you tired of constantly having technologists working on your computer systems, but never actually get them running smoothly. Allow us to show you a better way. We don’t simply fix the problems; we also suggest changes that will prevent them from reoccurring. We don’t double dip our customers – we get it right the first time.

We allow you to communicate for less – Communication is a requirement and reliable communication permits progress. The world is getting smaller and business boundaries are no longer the city limits or even the boarders of country. We need to be able to communicate worldwide and this costs when utilising the standard methods and ideas promoted by the large communication behemoths. There’s a better way and we have the answers you are looking for to reduce your communication costs.

We let you work the way you want – Technology should not dictate the way you use it, it should adapt to the way you work and should free you to perform task no matter where you are or what you are doing. Don’t get bogged down by your office, we can show you how you can be free of servers and computers if that’s what you are looking for.

We secure your investment – All the innovation, cost saving, stability, communication and freedom becomes meaningless if the environment that is created for you isn’t secure. We provide the right fit security solution for your business to allow you to take advantage of the system you have invested your money in.

We are in the business of mapping the road to new possibilities…